Hey! Grinch! Get off of my cloud!

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Now that Christmas is behind us, back to business!

I have gotten a few comments from folks who have missed my grumpy side – happy to oblige.

So here’s what’s caught in my craw as today progresses – taking down all the Christmas decorations happens WAY too soon.

It’s just plain ole’ depressing to walk down the street and see still-green tree corpses kicked to the curb before Twelfth Night!  When they start hitting the streets before NEW YEARS I simply want to fall down next to them and weep.

Kicked to the curb so SOON?

Poor Christmas Trees!  Kicked to the curb so SOON?

Whatever happened to AFTERGLOW?

I mean, even if you are one of the lucky ones with a staff of elves to give you plenty of time before Christmas to drive around and see all the pretty decorations and visit all your friends to see what they’ve put together, are you really that eager to jump up and shower immediately afterwards?

As for the rest of us, if we don’t have time to see the sights while we’re busy getting ready for our own celebrations, we can pretty much forget about it until we try again next year.

Live and let live?

I suppose I could live with the idea that many folks want to take down their Christmas decorations before New Years, but what frosts my grapes is the attitude of the early denuders toward those of us who don’t want to rush the removal.

They are so snide – and so VOCAL – about the fact that the entire world doesn’t share their particular preference for getting rid of all evidence that Christmas exists practically the moment the last present is opened.

Who put the Grinches in charge of the timing?

What’s HAPPENING with our planet these days?

There is so much about our world that is, shall we say, less than uplifting.  Why would anybody campaign to remove the small bit of cheer that manages to survive?

Not that I let what Grinches prefer change what I decide to do one iota – I simply don’t want to have to tolerate their “superior” attitude and their make-wrong. 

Can’t they tut-tut-tut in private?

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And now they are invoking LAWS?

The town of Little Falls actually sent a man a legal notice BEFORE Christmas, telling him that he had until December 26th to remove his decorations – by LAW!  (Seriously. Check out the link to that particular story in the related contents.)

THIS is what they object to

THIS is what they object to

It seems that he is violating a city ordinance about the number of “signs” allowed on private lawns – an ordinance that I’m fairly certain was never meant to apply to Christmas decorations.  They aren’t exactly signs.

Talk about black and white thinking!

No comment

When asked by a local news agency for a comment, the Mayor went mum. Outgoing Mayer Catherine Van Risseghem told KSTP she had two weeks left on her term and that she is over the sign issue and would prefer not to talk about it.

GrinchTakingTreeNow that’s just WRONG.

With only two weeks left on her term, she certainly could have ridden out on a more charitable note – and intervened on the man’s behalf to give him another measly week.

  • Decorations staying up until New Years aren’t too far out of line, are they?
  • Many would campaign for the day after Twelfth Night.

At the very least, she could have offered the comment
that perhaps the law had been too zealously applied.

I actually feel a bit sorry for the woman – I doubt she’ll be allowed to forget that little lapse in judgment anytime soon. I wouldn’t be surprised to find her made fun of in a skit on Saturday Night Live – and wouldn’t you just LOVE to see how they’d do it?

Thank Heavens for ADDers!

This is my favorite demonstration of how much the world needs us to add a bit of levity: most of us couldn’t get our decorations down immediately if our lives depended upon it.  We’ll be doing great to get them all put away by EASTER!

In fact, I’m going to take a stand here and REFUSE to take mine down before Easter (and if you believe that flimsy excuse for what always happens anyway, I’ve got some land in Florida I’d be happy to sell you too!)

Let’s hear it from YOU

AT LEAST ten pages return when you Google “when to take the decorations down” – so let’s add our comments to the stack.  Here’s your chance to make YOUR opinion count on this vital issue that seems to be on everybody’s mind.

  • What’s your take on the subject?
  • Does it make you grumpy when others decide to do it some other way?
  • Has anybody (besides me) ever left a tree up for an entire YEAR?

In any case . . .
once again you are invited to dump YOUR Monday grumps and gripes
in the comment section below each of my own – related or NOT.

As long as you don’t make individual people wrong, and do your best to avoid the dreaded “should” word, I will approve all comers (link-spammers shot on sight, however).

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12 Responses to Hey! Grinch! Get off of my cloud!

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  2. I solved the problem years ago. I never put decorations up so there is nothing to take down! Actually I never buy Christmas decorations so there is nothing to put up or take down. LOL!! I don’t celebrate Christmas but I do admire the fancy Holiday decorations I see in my neighborhood. Some families get really creative. It’s amazing!! 🙂 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have ALWAYS been a Christmas kid. And Christmas ornaments are a life-long passion that I am only now thinking I might downsize.

      I never worry about taking them down, however. I could happily leave them up all year – my house, my rules! lol (I don’t do much outside, however, because I do bring those inside after 12th Nite).

      Happy Christmas in July. I’m thrilled you found this one today and were inspired to comment.


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  4. wendy says:

    Well…..all year long? I hope it wasn’t a real tree? That would be a bit of a fire hazard don’t you think?

    Now a fake tree, I guess you would be getting a jump on the next season.

    I do know of one place that leaves them up all year, they just believe in celebrating all year. They even named the street after them…it’s called Christmas Lane. So cute. (it didn’t have a name for a long time, out in the country, then they had to have a name for 911 service, so that’s what the town called it. cute huh?) During the season people line up in their cars and go through that street to see their decorations, it is quite the light show.

    At our house growing up my mother believed it was bad luck to leave the tree up after a week into the new year. We were usually taking it down the first weekend. Since her birthday was New Year’s Day, we believed any superstition she had about new years. LOL. Of course, I believed any superstition she had about any thing.

    I do think it is sad when I see forgotten Christmas decorations up during the summer, all faded and half falling down. It is not the season…they are not jolly….it is just sad.
    Please just take them down then….

    My husband told me of a time when they left a real tree up until May at his parent’s house. I think that may have been the last time a tree was put up at his parent’s home. That was a sad story.

    We didn’t decorate this year. I was sick and it just kept getting closer and closer to the day and then Stuart got sick. So it just wasn’t worth the effort. I was sad about it. But then I decided it wasn’t the decorations that made the day worthy…it is the wonder, the giving, and the love. I had that with my husband right here with me on Christmas….it didn’t matter if it was decorated or not.

    Liked by 1 person

    • NOPE – I’ve gone 100% fake – for many reasons besides the length of time I like to keep them up.

      The real one (when I still kept ONE that was) came down later than most people take their’s down, but still before the end of January (but did you check out the link about the man who has kept his LIVE tree up for 40 years?)

      I never leave outside stuff up either – or the wreaths inside but on the windows – but the window candles (when I’ve used them) generally stay.

      I’m with you on the “summer is weird” idea, however (a bit “Delta Dawn” to my mind). As soon as the weather doesn’t match what’s going on inside, I want everything winter to go away so that it can be spring-like inside and out.

      The year the tree stayed up all year was an oddball – life conspired with MANY other competing priorities until September — and I thought, “What’s the point NOW?”

      And you know what? I MISSED putting it all up – lol – it didn’t feel like Christmas without that part (hassle that it sometimes can be).

      Only one year did I decide not to do a tree at all — before I went to faux trees — because my life had been a bit like yours and I didn’t have the energy I wanted to spend THERE. I was in NYC, so when it got closer to the 25th and I changed my mind, there were no longer any trees to BUY. 😦

      SO – drumroll please – the day after Christmas – lol – when the first Grinch booted a tree to the curb, I brought it in and decorated it in MY apartment! (I’ve got to find the newsletter I wrote about it at the time before next year’s Xmas posts – it would be a good one to repeat!)

      But I agree with you – Christmas is about the glow INSIDE, not the glow in the room. If you’ve got that going, you’ve got it all – even when both of you are under the weather (sorry to hear that, btw.)

      Thanks always for stopping by and commenting. Truly, I do NOT know how you do it, given what you are dealing with.

      Onward and upward in 2015!

      PS. Did I remember to tell you that I pinned your blog to my Blogs and Bloggers Board on Pinterest? Pins automatically link – so maybe a few more folks will find their way to you.


      • wendy says:

        Thank you for the Pin. I have a little bit on Pinterest, use it mostly for ideas for artwork, that’s about it. I’ll have to check out your boards. I haven’t bounced around there much. I’ve only just recently started looking at it. I had a board with some of my artwork and found someone used a piece of mine without giving me credit, well I got very anti-Pinterest for a long while after that. Now, I don’t have my artwork on there. I probably won’t have my artwork on line without a watermark anymore. Eh…who am I kidding there is quite a bit of my doodles out there, and I’m not going to hunt them down. lol. But my paintings and such…well, I won’t post them any more without a watermark. Sad you have to do things like that, isn’t it?
        But think you so much for the link. 🙂 and thinking of me.

        I saw some wreaths up today and giggled thinking about you. Especially on public places…like the place I have my aqua-PT, and the vet I passed. The aqua-PT place is at a retirement home and hubby said, I wonder if they even remember it is there. I acted shocked and said, “So, you think all old people have memory problems?” hahaha “NO! I meant, you know how you pass by something every day and you just don’t notice it any more.” I couldn’t believe he thought I was serious. haha

        Our new place is so small we really don’t have room for a tree, but we were going to do some decorating. Things just happen. I did miss decorating though. We often don’t have a traditional tree. We have this big floor light that is paper and normally has white lights in it we put multicolored lights in and put our Christmas train around it….it’s environmentally friendly. But we decorate the house. I put Christmas ornaments in different places…it’s kind of cool. We’ve had a rosemary tree, and planted it outside. When my mom was alive we had a tree that we planted outside, it is still alive in my sister’s yard. or so I’m told, I haven’t been to her house in years and years. One year when we get a house, I’d like to have a tree that we can keep inside all the time…it doesn’t have to be a tradition Christmas type tree, just a tree…and decorate it at Christmas time. yes I’m a eco chick.

        But let’s keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year, even if the decorations come down!!


        Liked by 1 person

        • ECO is only one reason why I went to faux trees (and thrifted a few when the landfill angels smiled on me).

          My parents did the live tree thing in the house bought right before my Dad left the AF (once I went on to college, drat it all!) – and planted it outside. It became HUGE – towering over the house. Since they didn’t expect that, they had planted it too close to the house, so it had to come down, unfortunately.

          Does “keeping the spirit” mean I get to say, “Merry Christmas” every day?

          PS. WALL tree (make one from a thrift store find – just smoosh it, hang & decorate)


          • wendy says:

            Why not say Merry Christmas EVERY DAY!!! I love it!!

            Did you see the commercial where the couple have the tree on the wall with just lights. We said we were going to do that this year. Would have been perfect. and I just loved it.
            Think that will be my kind of tree next year. Of course it will be hard to have the Christmas Lego Train go around it. LOL.

            I saw decorations still up today. LOL…and in a VERY rich neighborhood. haha.



            • Mine’s still up, and all will remain until my friend Jason returns from Arizona and my friend Sam can get here from Knoxville — when I can finally have my belated Twelfth Night party (Valentines? Easter?)

              No TV, so did not see the commercial, but Peggy Ramundo’s tree this year was mostly lights – TONS of tiny colored lights – with white ones only up the center of the big ole tree taking up an entire corner of her living room! (I should know because I spent an ENTIRE night putting them on!)

              She and daughter Alison got some of their most special ornaments on the outside limbs, but most of the others stayed in the boxes. Holidays are still tough for both of them since the police murdered. her son Jeremy (said she, trying her best not to jump on her soapbox about the LOUSY way mental health issues are handled in this country and the CRYING need for police training!)

              It was a BEAUTIFUL tree anyway – BUT, since it is live, its days are numbered (starting to look like a weeping willow – LOL!) It was scheduled for take-down this past weekend.

              Have to drop by to see if that happened, as TinkerToy and I return from his vet appointment (rabies shot – my little boy is growing up!)

              MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  5. janetkwest says:

    The city that I’m in still hasn’t removed all of theirs. Along the riverside drive, several of the parks are still lit up with holiday colorful lights. Festive. I love them. I say whenever you wish, but a law is ridiculous.


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