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From the Brain-Transplant Series

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from THE ADD Poster Girl: Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, MCC, SCAC

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  1. What Kind of World Do You Want? (intro post)
  2. Money Motivation Mythology
  4. Reframing Change for World Leaders
  5. The Link between Leadership and Spirituality
  6. Feel Good Video – Well Deserved
  7. Thoughts of Healing on September 11, 2012
  8. When the Going Gets TOUGH
  9. Back in the Saddle — Beginning Anew
  10. Lessons from a Young Blogger
  11. The Butterfly Project (first of three Empathy posts)
  12. Understanding the link between anxiety & self-harm
  13. Self-Harm Specifics: ADD girls at greater risk
  14. When you lose patience with your ADD kid – INSTANT Reframe
  15. Shame on Shoulds
  16. Transformational Rant
  17. The REAL Secret to Inner Peace (humorous)
  18. Management Talks and Service Walks
  19. Motivation and Gratitude
  20. Happy Birthday Temple Grandin
  21. Headlines I Want to See in the Upcoming Year (only half kidding)
  22. A little help from our friends can make a MIRACLE happen
    (help Andy get his smile back)
  23. STILL Healing the Divided Mind — Thoughts and Links
  24. How do you want to die?
  25. How to Get your Doctor to Prescribe you Adderall:Promoting Student Amphetimine Abuse while marketing non-pharms
  26. Rarely Proud to be an American Anymore – How did our country become so selfish?
  27. #GoSilent on Memorial Day 2016
  28. The importance of Trigger Warnings
  29. Ten Things I Do Not Want in My President
  30. Nick: A Personal Triumph over Brain Damage
  31. My 2016 Birthday Prayer
  32. THANKS to all who read & commented on My Birthday Prayer
  33. Consequences of the Race to Erase
  34. Censorship in America – *Actual* Facts
  35. September 2017: Focus on Suicide Prevention
  36. Best ways to help victims of Hurricane Harvey
  37. Ageism cuts both ways – Don’t Discount the Kids
  38. HELP needed and offered #Flash4Storms

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