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From the Brain-Transplant Series

ADD Information you NEED to know!
from THE ADD Poster Girl: Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, MCC, SCAC

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Diagnosis and Finding a Doctor

  1. Zebras, hoof-beats and Dr. House: Differential Diagnosis
  2. Differential Diagnosis – Part 2
  3. Gotta’ love the DSM-5 — NOT?
  4. ABOUT ADD Comorbidities
  5. ADD seldom rides alone
  6. 10 Questions to Ask to find a GRRRRreat! ADD Doc
  7. Top Ten Questions to ask your Doctor about ADD meds
  8. The Interplay between Diagnosis and Grief
  9. Stages of Grief following Diagnosis


  1. Improving the Quality of Your Care
  2. My Top Ten Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Care
  3. ADD Meds Info for Moms – Part I
  4. ABOUT Non-Medical Alternatives
  5. Medications vs. Non-Pharm Alternatives
  6. Medication Fears
  7. Balance Balls for On-Task Classroom Focus?
  8. Neuroflexyn: BUYER BEWARE
  9. (again) Top Ten Questions to ask your Doctor about ADD meds
  10. Top Ten Stupid Comments from [supposed] ADD Professionals
  11. Distinctions: Coaching vs.Therapy
  12. If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t blame the foot!
  13. Brain-based Symptoms Mandate Brain-based Training
  14. Coaching Organizational Skills To ADD/ADHD Children
  15. Coaching Tips for Parents of LD & ADD/HD Children
  16. How to Get your Doctor to Prescribe you Adderall
  17. Stimulant BASICS: Ritalin and Adderall
  18. Check out “On the Way”

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