Coaching Endorsements

Amazing Coaching Endorsements

for the comprehensive brain-based Coaching
I developed during the most active period of
The Optimal Functioning Institute™
and deliver still today

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From Walter Andrews

Okay, let’s begin. Let’s relive the last couple of months . . .

But first you should know, about ten years ago I had a very successful management and consulting company. Then what happens? That’s right, I get very sick.

For the next ten years I expended all of my resources fighting cancer. I made it, I’m okay now. I’m ready to start over at 60 years old. I need to go back to work. I am living at the edge of poverty.

Did I still have what it takes to be successful?
Was I really ready to work full time again?
Would anyone hire a 60 year old cancer survivor?

After a six month search I finally got a job offer. It sounded perfect. I met with the Office Manager. We hit it off immediately. I was hired.

Without going into much detail, it was a small office growing at an exponential rate. The Office Manager was feeling the pressure. Shortly after I was hired things started to degrade.  You see, this woman suffered from ADD and she was overwhelmed by the stress – so much that she was becoming paranoid.

She didn’t remember what she said or what she wanted from one moment to the next.  Everything I said, every clarifying question I asked, was misconstrued. She imagined a power struggle where none existed. Instead of being seen as a loyal colleague I was quickly becoming a threat to her.

Although I was proud of my work, it came to a point where I couldn’t do anything right in her eyes. Everything I said to reassure her of my loyalty only made things worse. This great job was slipping through my fingers. I would not recover financially if I lost this job. For the first time in my life I was really scared that I wouldn’t be able to pay my mortgage and I would lose my home.

Did I mention that this woman was the sister of a man who had quickly become one of my closest friends – the owner of the business? I was desperate for help on how to communicate with this otherwise wonderful and talented Office Manager before I lost everything.

Enter MGH. I called her to discuss my dilemma. What little I knew about ADD I learned from business coaching with her many years before cancer darkened my life.

Her insight into the mind and world of sufferers is nothing short of remarkable — from mannerisms, syntax, tones of voice, to understanding — and the ability to teach me how to communicate in the complex and precise relationship I was dealing with.

Madelyn coached me into every conversation and meeting.
Her tips and insights were working.

Fast forward six short months: the woman and I evolved into a great team with a single purpose. We have great respect for one another, and endearment. There will always be bumps in the road, but I am now ready for them. I also gained insight and tools for managing my own life. You see I, too, am an ADDer.

MGH, I applaud you and will always be grateful for your wisdom and your scholarly advice. Thank you for being so generous about teaching me. Thank you for making ADD Coaching your life’s work, as I’m sure that it affects people’s lives as immeasurably as it did mine.

Christmas 2017 will be a much merrier one than I’ve had in many years, thanks to you.

Love, Wally
Orlando, Florida

From Wayne Smith

See: Executive Functioning Disorder: Not Just Kid Stuff

When I was diagnosed with Executive Function Disorder I was at a loss as to how to deal with this issue as I faced the now, and as I faced the future.

My work requires keeping a lot of “balls in the air” and I was not successfully juggling all the tasks required. But I love what I do and find it very fulfilling. 

I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to make an unhappy change.

When I first spoke with Madelyn I was amazed at her resume (as a pioneer in the field) and I feel extremely blessed to have had someone with her knowledge and experience to come along side of me to face the challenges of EFD.  

I loved the opportunity to connect with her professionally even though the distance made it impossible to meet in person.  It was also a bonus for me that we could have our appointments on the phone, and that we could do it at times that would not be the norm in other situations.  Additionally Madelyn worked with me to tailor the appointments to my needs with such things as including my wife on some appointments, thereby helping to strengthen and reinforce the things that I learned in our sessions.

I believe that Madelyn’s help was a great investment and has been invaluable in helping me to reach higher levels of life function.   I’m still doing the work I love and have much more confidence and success in managing my “juggling” than in the past.

Wayne Smith
Little Rock, Arkansas

From Steve Kohlenberger

SEE: ADD in the Spirit Coach Training Endorsements
OFI A.C.T. Coach Training Student Endorsements

To those reading, I am a proud graduate of MGH and Peggy’s ADD in the Spirit Coach Training program.

My wife Nancie Kohlenberger, award winning author of the book, “Couples Guide to Thriving with ADHD,” and I together provide ADHD Couples Support (Coaching and Psychotherapy) in California, and ADHD Couples Support (Coaching and Consulting) elsewhere (by video conference call).

We sit side by side, in front of our computer or in our office, face to face in front of our client couples where at least one has ADHD. We both have ADHD so we both know what it feels like.

You and Peggy can call us one of your success stories.
I am grateful for your training, coaching, and mentoring Madelyn.

Steve Kohlenberger
ADHD Couples Coach

From Jeanie Smith

SEE:  When Beloved has ADD

Madelyn has coached me at various times during the last 5 years. She is a delight to talk to and a wise and fun mentor!  I consider it a Godsend that I found her! 

Her insight into the issues surrounding ADD is astounding! I loved the way she was able to name many of the issues that for me had been numberless and nameless frustrations for years!  At last I had a way to understand what was happening to me!

And the best part, was that she had concrete ways to help me deal with the problems and move out of my “stuck”-ness and depression.

My coaching with Madelyn began when my husband was diagnosed with EFD.  I had been diagnosed years before with ADD.  We were at a very challenging place in our marriage and Madelyn was able to come alongside us and teach us to work together.

Our marriage is healthier and happier than ever
and Madelyn’s coaching played big part in that!

Jeanie Smith
Little Rock, Arkansas

From Beverly Lubbock

SEE: STUFF – and Nonsense

I was beyond grateful to find out about MGH on a TV news show story when she was still in New York.  I suffer from agoraphobia and my therapist told me that adding ADD Coaching would help me too.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that back then because I hardly ever left my apartment.  I didn’t know there was such a thing as phone coaching, so I thought I had to find somebody in the city and go to an office.  It was hard enough to get myself to therapy and my meds from the drug store.

Because I don’t get out much – still not a lot, but it’s better – it is even more important that things are good inside my apartment. Since I have ADD too, mine was a total wreck of course.  It still isn’t perfect, but I’m not embarrassed to invite my sister and our friends over anymore, so my depression is much less of a problem than it was when I was pretty much alone most of the time.

I coached with her every week for more than 2 years (maybe close to 3). We went through every room together, even my closets and medicine cabinet.  She explained to me what I needed to think about to decide what I could get rid of and helped me figure out how to organize the rest so I could KEEP it that way. It was almost like she was right there.

She never pushed me to get rid of ANYTHING or let me feel ashamed, and my coaching calls were a whole lot of fun. 

I consider her more like a friend, even though I never met her in person.

I also learned a lot about my brain along the way and what she says is my kind of ADD, so today I can figure out a lot of problems without anybody else’s help.

She even got me exercising using videos in my living room – and got me to track it (reps and measurements and things). I still do it to this day, since she coached me about how to make things a habit, and made telling her my results part of each call to make sure I did it so that it could become a habit.

Getting in shape and feeling better was the point, not losing weight, but I lost almost 20 pounds while I was coaching with her – and none of it has come back.  I’ve lost more since. (I had to take in all of my clothes – good thing I sew, huh?  lol)

She was right that it made a big difference in how I felt about myself, and my therapist agrees that it helped with my depression too.

If you are thinking about getting an ADD Coach, this is the one you want. I wish I could have started even sooner. My only disappointment is that she moved away before I could invite her over.

You really did change my life, MGH.
I hate to think what I might have done
if I hadn’t found you.

Beverly Lubbock
Brooklyn, New York

mgh adds:
I am “beyond grateful” for your feedback, Bev and sorry it took so long to get it “published.” Whenever you see this, send me your phone number again in an e-me form — my eglut is bodacious so I don’t want to miss your reply (lost all my contacts – long story).  We DID become friends and I’d love to catch up.

In Confidence

In my field I am known as a coaching professional who specializes in getting research scientists journal-published and keeping them on track during the proposal writing process. Many of my clients work with military or government labs. Even though I understand how to work with ADD due to my own, I don’t call myself an ADD Coach for a number of reasons.

I coached with Madelyn for several years at the beginning of my training and early practice years to learn how to work with my own ADD challenges, and intensively during the time that I was applying for ICF certification. Credentials are important in my industry.

  • The certification process is, as she says, “administratively intense.”
  • I can assist my clients, but cutting through red tape in my own life is not exactly at the top of the list of things I demonstrate with excellence.

In my case, it wasn’t a relatively simple matter of turning in a list of names with appointment times and dates that some other certified coach could call to verify that I had accumulated the requisite hours of coaching experience.

  • Because of their high level security clearances, I had to sign comprehensive non-disclosure documents before working with a majority of my clients.
  • It was almost as if I had to start all over with clients outside my practice focus to come up with enough hours to qualify.

I doubt I would have the career success I have experienced over the years had it not been for Madelyn’s help breaking things down and coaching me to follow through, along with her encouragement during the many times that things bogged down.

I want to make my appreciation count by being as specific as possible, but I am still legally bound by confidentiality agreements.  I can’t name names or connect my name to my involvement, and even this testimonial had to be vetted and approved.

Science Coach – USA

From Cindy Garcia

This is a double endorsement, since I have coached with mgh, worked with her at OFI, and studied with her in her training over the years.

While I was a client and still in coaching school, I had a run in with a temp. clinic doctor who wanted to “wean me off my medication” because he believed I was “addicted to speed.” 

I left in tears with only half the prescription I needed to stay medicated for the whole month (you’re only allowed one script per month).  MGH went to bat for me with the clinic, and I went back to exchange my prescription for my usual.

Over the next year, I began taking my doctor copies of the things MGH had been teaching us. One was Dr. Paul Elliott’s article she reprinted in our manual titled “How I medicate ADD” – (which he had given her for our manual, and was not how this other doc had been treating ADD – lol)

It got to where I was teaching HIM about ADD during my monthly visits, all because of what I learned from mgh.

And the GRAND Finale!!— One day I arrive for my appointment, He comes in and says….

“I have a new nurse, I have told her all about you and want her to meet you, YOU ARE VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE (in a very thick Indian accent)

It had become apparent over that year, I was the ADD professional in the room and someone he considered not only an equal but his ‘go to’ source for REAL information.

There IS NO other (ADD) coach training but MGH, and if you can coach with her, or even join one of her groups, DO IT!

I had no idea HOW MUCH I knew til I got out there with other “pro’s”, and WOW, do I have one hell of an education!

btw – this is edited from a comment left under an article on her blog about stupid comments from ADD docs — be sure to read the other comments while you’re there (even some from doctors!)**

Cindy Garcia
Knoxville, Tennessee
** [linked HERE]

I extend my sincere appreciation to everyone willing to put their feelings about coaching with me “on paper,” along with my abject apologies if YOUR endorsement is not yet included above.  I am still gathering and collating email endorsements and testimonials.

I will add new ones as I have the time and focus to add them to this page.

If you are an ex-client who wants to add your voice, or have a new website or blog you’d like to let folks know about, leave a link in the comments section below, along with any news of what you have done since and are doing NOW.

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