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From the Brain-Transplant Series

ADD Information you NEED to know! from THE ADD Poster Girl: Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, MCC, SCAC

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Links to articles in the
Walking A Mile in Another’s Shoes

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  1. ADD Empathy – 101: ADDvice for non-ADDers
  2. Lessons from the TBI Community
  3. Expectations set by appearance
  4. Remembrance of Selves Past
  5. The only valid way to LISTEN
  6. The Top Ten Stupid Questions from the ADD Clue-Free
  7. The Top Ten Things . . . I LOVE about having ADD
  8. Another ADD mile with Kludgy Technology
  9. The Butterfly Project
  10. Understanding the link between anxiety & self-harm
  11. Self-Harm Specifics: Girls at Greater Risk
  12. Smoking and ADD/ADHD – understanding Core Benefits
  13. The Top Ten . . . Things we wish YOU’d stop doing!
  14. How come the bad stuff sticks and the good stuff fades?
  15. How to live a life that doesn’t suck
  16. Sound Sensitivity and Sensory Integration
  17. Up all NIGHT? Sleep away the DAY?
  18. PROGRESS, not Perfection
  19. Brain Injured from Birth?
  20. The importance of Trigger Warnings
  21. My 2015 Birthday Prayer

Help for Couples (understanding for BOTH of you)

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