ADD in the Spirit Coach Training Endorsements

Graduates of ADD in the Spirit Coach Training
share their experience

See Endings and New Beginnings for a retrospective of the training attended by the students (now colleagues) who left the comments below.

The ADD Coach’s Dilemma . . .

“How do I manage strengths-based coaching when I’m dealing with deficits?”

With the necessity of time spent on “functional pragmatics” and ADD/ADHD/EFD information in our niche, ADD coaches often struggle to find a way to implement what is often referred to as “whole person coaching.”

And the Solution  .  .  .   Go Within.

From ADDing in the Spirit to allow success to emerge — 2012 ACO* Conference; speaker content, introduction
(content of the ACO conference binder, from a joint presentation by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie and Peggy Ramundo at the 5th Annual ACO convention)
(*ADHD Coaches Organization)

Training Endorsements

From Steve Kohlenberger, MA Psych, BS CIS, PMP, AITS, ADHD Success Coach

Like Jeanie Guthrie Smith and Ann Miller below, I too am a very proud and enthusiastic Grad from your most recent ADD in the Spirit Coach Training class.

I also will be happy to talk to anyone who would like to discuss any aspect of the class.

Overall, I found it:

  • More informative, detailed, and comprehensive than I imagined it could have been. Frankly, there was so much content that I seriously doubt any other course, from any school, could compare.
  • But that makes sense since you, Madelyn, according to the ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization) in a survey I received from them February 20, 2013, are responsible for the Optimal Functioning Institute’s training program. This means you personally are responsible for the formation or continuation of 2 of the 6 ADHD coach training schools … EVER! That is very impressive.

Helping us practice the art and science of brain-based coaching through:

  • Lab coaching training, practice, and evaluations,
  • Peer coaching sessions, and especially,
  • The Mentored Internship program. The Internship program was incredibly useful in that it gave us an opportunity to use our developing skill set to work with those in the ADHD community in much need of our services.

For me personally:

It helped me understand my particular flavor of ADHD and a few other people in my life. As I began adding clients to my ADHD Coaching practice (, our ongoing education continued to add clarity and understanding for me, and new and better strategies I used to support my clients.

Today I have a number of clients. Most happen to be business clients where I have supported them through recreating a marketing process, or working through overwhelm, or places they need to delegate in a smart way, or organize and track their activities better, or creating personalized strategies to stay on track better and then getting back on track when not on track.

Madelyn, I appreciate your personal commitment to the ADD, ADHD community and to us, those carrying the torch behind you. Its pioneers like you, Peggy, and Kate, that help create an industry and a pave the way for those of us who also want to do great things.

Thank you,

Steve Kohlenberger, MA Psych, BS CIS, PMP, AITS, ADHD Success Coach
Where Brain-Based Science, ADHD Coaching, and You Meet
Using Telephone conversations, Skype, and Google Chat.


From Jeanie Guthrie Smith


I guess that one easy way to share how significant ADD Coaching in the Spirit was for me is to tell your readers that I have encouraged several friends to consider taking the course in 2013! It is a phenomenal class that has reshaped my whole outlook on myself and on ADD. Though I appreciated the spiritual component, I think I personally gained as much or more from the brain-based approach to all things ADD.

I am the one you mentioned who took the class to (among other things) better understand the impact of ADD on marriage, learning the neurological basis for the struggles that ADD/EFDers have has been a huge benefit for me and my husband!

Although at this point, I am not planning to become a full time coach, I do look forward to any opportunities that I will have to share what I have learned about the perks and pitfalls of ADD/EFD in marriage. Since I work for an organization whose purpose it is to strengthen marriages, I am hoping there will be ways to share what I have learned with our staff and beyond. I would love to coach someday and feel especially drawn to working with couples, we’ll see what happens!

It has been very helpful to learn that good ADD coaching is not just life coaching with some ADD tweeks. It is a very targeted approach to coaching that uses methods tailored to the brain function issues that ADDers deal with. However, the interesting caveat is that while ”vanilla coaching” (as you call it Madelyn) doesn’t work for ADDers, all of the techniques we learned about ADD coaching would work for neuro-typical clients.

I am so thankful for all that you and Peggy (And Kate… though I never had the privilege of knowing her, I know her fingerprints are all over this class.) have done to educate, prepare and encourage us for ADD coaching and just living with ADD. I am thankful for my classmates and the extra dimensions that were added to the class by their contributions.

I would be delighted to talk with any of your prospective students about my experiences with the class.


Jeanie Guthrie Smith


From Ann Miller, BSN, MBA, ADD Coach


Thank you for acknowledging us. This class has been a wonderful experience for me. In addition to getting my practice going for coaching high school and college students with ADD, I booked a workshop locally next month to work with parents of high schoolers of all “flavors” about getting ready NOW for the college transition. I am so ready to share my passion with the world and that’s because you gave me the confidence, knowledge, and support to do so.

What I have also found gratifying is how this class is already building it’s own networking presence. I actually received a referral from one of my classmates yesterday. And because of that, I am tentatively planning on going to ACO! Thanks to you, Peggy, and the entire class–what an awesome experience this has been. Feel free to have any prospective students contact me at any time.

Love ya,

Ann Miller, BSN, MBA, ADD Coach

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