Group Coaching Details and Pricing

with Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
So you don’t have to try to do it all ALONE

Tuesdays – 8:00-9:30 PM Eastern
That’s: 7-8:30 Central | 6-7:30 Mountain | 5-6:30 Pacific
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to see what time that is anywhere else in the world

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Class size will be limited and tuition will be going up for subsequent groups.  If you know you want to do this, be sure to sign up while tuition is as low as I can make it!  Group Coaching fees have already increased since the beta groups, and fees will have to increase as time goes by.

YOUR fees are guaranteed not to increase for as long as you remain with the Group – and this is the ONLY Group guaranteed to have my personal attention in every single session.

Fees are low ONLY because it is my policy to discount fees for early enrollees of new classes, to make it possible for anyone who is struggling with finances to attend as new offerings build momentum and while I train new TeleClass Leaders.

HOWEVER, all classes must eventually be priced to include trainer payments as well as administration costs, or I won’t be able to pay MY bills!  

So if your budget is tight, please sign up while tuition is as low as I can make it!


The internet gurus swear that the ONLY way anybody will ever sign up for anything is to post a bunch of “build-up-to-it” sales pages and send a slew of emails, each peppered with prominent Sign-up NOW!” buttons – one every screen in a forever-long page – BEFORE I disclose the price.

Please tell me it isn’t so!

I’ll do it if I must, because I know that my classes, trainings and Groups are life changers, but please, Oh PULEEZE — prove them wrong.

The unbelievably reasonable investment
for monthly Group Coaching is
. . . drumroll please . . .

$110 per month
$100 per month if you enroll for 3 months at a time
(along with other benefits, outlined below)

Full fee Private Clients
(3-4 sessions/month, current Coaching Agreement)
*** you may attend for free ***
with tuition discounts for ALL Private Clients

THREE Ways to Pay

  1. Enroll Monthly ($110/month)
    Compare: $275 for two 45-minute private sessions
    (with Coaching Agreement), and
    $110 for two 90-minute Group Coaching sessions
  2. Enroll for 3 months at a time ($300)
    Which, for this offering only, includes TWO private 45-minute sessions with me
    (the first scheduled immediately following enrollment and the second in Month 3)
  3. Enroll for 6 months at a time ($600)
    Which includes a private 1-hour consultation with me EACH month (otherwise $150 each)

Brain-based Group Coaching will never replace private, professional coaching, nor is it meant to, but there are additional benefits beyond targeted information and coaching as well as a structure for accountability The synergy created by the Group process – and group support – cannot be over-estimated.

Private Coaching Fees vs. Group Coaching Fees

You know how much private Coaching is, don’t you?
(Yeah, that’s probably why you’re exploring Group Coaching)

Just to make it conscious:
depending on WHO you hire,
their level of training & years of experience,

WHAT you coach around,
and HOW OFTEN you speak together,
Professional Coaching fees are $250-$800 per month (and UP)

FYI – as of October, 2016, my own Private Coaching fees are:
(with 6 month Coaching Agreement – 45 minute sessions)
— add $25/month for 1-hour sessions —

  • $475 for 4 sessions per month (45 minutes; $500 for 1 hour)
  • $375 for 3 sessions per month (plus a 4th week “self-appointment”)
  • $275 for 2 sessions per month (2nd and 4th week “self-appointments”)
  • $135 for 1 regular check-in per month
  • $150 for a 1-hour stand-alone, “pick my brain” consultation

(Puts Group Coaching fees into perspective, yes?)

Click HERE for other formats and fees

So what’s your stopper?

Click HERE to Sign up NOW!

STILL NOT SURE? Let me know you are interested in the comments section below and FOLLOW so that I will have an email address to contact you before the Group is full or whenever there is an opening. (at the top of the rightmost column, right above the spam counter).

For more about Group Coaching
click sitelinks below

If you are SERIOUSLY broke and have time and skills to trade
and have above-average follow-through skills
leave me a comment. I might be interested in some help.

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  9. ginger404 says:

    I think I goofed up when I tried to submit it. Typical… I’m running on about 3 hrs of sleep right now, so, yeah… LOL
    Yeah, we should catch up on things. My email/phone/contacts are all the same, let me know what works. I’m sure we will figure it out.
    Gin 🙂

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    • Aren’t you READING any of my sleep posts, girl?! 🙂 (TinkerToy wrote the one that posts tomorrow – Wed. before turkey day – on the horrors of living with a mom with a sleep disorder, in honor of N24 Awareness Day.)

      If you are awake NOW, I could use a break. Call me when you find this (unless I’m out walking Tink, I’ll be home and awake for HOURS still).

      BTW- If you are interested in being part of this Group, I’d be happy to trade some help with bridge admin, etc. for your tuition.


  10. ginger404 says:

    Hi again, I sent you a message just now but I can’t tell if it worked or not… LOL
    Ginger 🙂

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