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From Glen Hogard, ACO co-founder
(ADHD Coaching Organization)

Madelyn, (MGH),

I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of what you’ve done here. It is amazing!

I focused on a tool you developed that I’ve been using to successfully for years: the Challenges Inventory™; especially after that first “beta class” on advanced use of the Challenges Inventory™ you held in 2000, I think.

It only took me a second to figure out how to navigate your site to go into the sub-headings on new pages, and as usual, I learned something new or that I’d forgotten right away. It’s very ADD-friendly.

I use the “inventory” to break the ice with new clients and it is a great avenue for them to begin to see areas where they are the champions as well as identify those cracks in the sidewalk they consistently seem to trip over and thus learn to avoid.

As usual, your genius when it comes to ADHD amazes me. You, Kate and Peggy were an inspiration to me in the 90’s and your wisdom continues to shine. I can’t wait to have time to read the rest of your site and pick up a few new wrinkles on what you taught me so many years ago.



Familiar with the Inventory?

If YOU have found The Challenges Inventory™ useful – whether in helping you run your life or as a tool in your practice, please let me know how it helped (and how you are using it) in the comments section below.

I will move it onto the page itself, so be sure to leave a link to your own blog or website, along with any other identifying information you’d like to share publicly.

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