Basic Training: PEER Coaching for ADD/EFDers

Updated: July 2016

Is this YOU?

  • Are you essentially alone in your struggle with focus and follow-through issues as the result of TBI/ABI, ADD/EFD, or age-related cognitive decline?
  • Do the people you love fail to understand, so their suggestions & nudges don’t really help (and sometimes make things harder)?
  • Would you love to have a brain-based professional ADDCoach, but can’t fit the fees into your budget?
  • Are you currently Peer Coaching, but you know you could set it up to serve you BETTER?
  • Are you TRAINING to become an ADD Coach yourself — but you’re not sure how to best USE the Peer-Partner sessions you are required to set up?
  • Are you currently using the services of a professional ADDCoach, but you’d like coaching support more often than you can afford?  
  • Do you need a little ADD Coaching to get to the point where you can afford to hire a professional ADDCoach?

The co-founder of the ADD Coaching field and founder of the world’s first ADD-specific coach training, sponsor and host of the no-charge ADD Hours™ has developed an affordable TeleClass Training – just for YOU!

If YOU are in even one of the situations above,
This training is a no-brainer, Must Do!

WHY a training to develop Peer Coaching?

To my mind we are SERIOUSLY under-utilizing a resource
that Dr. Edward Hallowell has identified as
“the single most effective tool for ADD self-management.” 

Properly positioned, with just enough up-front attention to a few basic issues and a little bit of professional guidance, no-cost Peer Coaching can be a real gift to the ADD/EFD community in three vital ways:

1. As a tool available to the hundreds (thousands?) of ADD/EFDers who don’t have access to a professional coach due to one of more of the following stoppers:

• location
• finances
• inability to locate a brain-based professional coach, or
• the very real imbalance in the numbers of EFDers and
 —the number of comprehensively trained, brain-based
—-ADD Coaches

2. As an adjunct resource to the services of a professional coach for those ADD/EFDers who need or would prefer more frequent contact.

3. As a brain-based jumpstart for Peer relationships that are part of many Coach Trainings, so that the Peer Partners stop wasting time “fumbling around in the dark!”

Why NOW?

It takes a village to transform a world ~mgh

This training is step one of a dream of many, many years, languishing incomplete due to lack of time and attention that had to be spent on preliminary steps. Designing, developing and and running the world’s first ADD-specific Coach Training curriculum has been more than a full time job! 

Only recently have I been able to return my time and attention to designing the curriculum, course materials and administrative requirements for the Peer Coaching Basic Training that will begin the process that will actuate my vision of a Peer Coaching Resource Center to support ADD/EFDers and their loved ones.

Only once Peer Coaching Basic Training hits its stride will I be able to focus my energy on developing additional “pieces” that will become a much more comprehensive network of support.

My dream is a resource center that will serve as a booster shot for the professional ADD Coaching field as well as providing a much needed service to thousands of ADD/EFDers and their families who are struggling with finances as well as attentional issues!

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I really hope that YOU will join me in my vision of HUGE success for EVERYONE  struggling with short-term memory, focus and follow-through!

An Invitation to participate in changing the face of the EFD world:

Beyond helping me keep a roof over my head, much of the revenue from Peer Coaching Basic Training will be earmarked to support the development of a comprehensive, low-cost Peer Coaching CENTER (designed and priced to eventually support itself)

Even if you decide Peer Coaching Basic Training is not for you, YOU CAN HELP BUILD the CENTER by spreading the word about the availability of this course!

Tweet it, Share it, post it, email it, talk it up around the ‘net – do anything you have time to do to help me get the word out to anyone and everyone who needs more help to manage their Executive Functioning than they can afford.

THANKS for participating!

Not sure? Let me know you are interested in the comments section below and FOLLOW so that I will have an email address to contact you before class registration closes. (at the top of the rightmost column, right above the spam counter).

For more about Brain-based ADD Coaching or Peer Coaching

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