Peer Coaching Redux!

Updated: September 12th, 2016

ONE MORE MONTH until Peer Coaching Basic Training Begins

As those of you who are already officially enrolled learned by email, due primarily to frustrating computer, internet and WordPress glitches that slowed me down and tripped me up . . .

I have pushed back the start date of Peer Coaching Basic Training
until October 5th at 8:30 pm Eastern.

To enable me to stay on track henceforth, an on-site computer consultant is arriving on September 10th to see if he can find and fix a number of ongoing problems.

IN ADDITION, I decided to massage the content and hold the first session on a different bridge, so that I can make Session One available to anyone who is interested without payment. I will remain on the line for 30 minutes following the session for anyone has further questions.

Peer Coaching Rides Again in 2016!
So you don’t have to try to do it all ALONE

Once you learn to work with a peer coach,
never again will a tight budget keep you
from ADD/EFD coaching when you need it!!

Welcome Session:  October 5th

Wednesdays – 8:30-10:00 PM Eastern
That’s: 7:30-9 Central | 6:30-8 Mountain | 5:30-7 Pacific
Click HERE for quickie Time Zone calculator
to see what time that is anywhere else in the world

Scroll DOWN for Tuition
Links to more info: Course Descriptions & Syllabus at page bottom

Even MORE info & official enrollment coming SOON!

Class size will be limited and tuition will be going up for subsequent groups.  If you know you want to do this, be sure to sign up while tuition is as low as I can make it!

Tuition for this training has already increased since the beta classes, and the next group must be priced higher still. Fees are unusually low ONLY because it is my policy to discount early sections of new classes, to make it possible for ADD/EFDers who are struggling with finances to attend as curriculums build momentum and while I train new TeleClass Leaders. HOWEVER, all classes must eventually be priced to include a trainer payment as well as administration costs, or I won’t be able to pay MY bills!  

So if your budget is tight, please sign up while tuition is as low as I can make it!


The internet gurus swear that the ONLY way anybody will ever sign up for anything is to post a bunch of “build-up-to-it” sales pages and send a slew of emails, each peppered with prominent Sign-up NOW!” buttons – one every screen in a forever-long page – BEFORE I disclose the price.

Tell me it isn’t so!

I’ll do it if I must, because I know that my classes are life changers, but please, Oh PULEEZE — prove them wrong about ADD/EFDers!

I’m testing another way to do it, and
I hope you’ll prove me RIGHT!

The unbelievably reasonable price for twenty-two and a half hours of Peer Coaching Basic Training with five months of support and information is
. . . drumroll please . . .

ONLY $450
(less than $100 per month)

If you sign up with a peer partner
***each of you will receive a $25 discount***
$425 total for EACH of you

TWO Payment Plans Available

If $450 is more than you can manage in a single payment, I can offer you a choice of two different payment plans:

TWO monthly payments of $250
(October 1 & November 1, for a total of $500)

I’ll offer you the same $25 discount if you sign up with a partner ($25 off for each of you).

THREE monthly payments of $185
(October 1 & November 1 & December 1, for a total of $550)

$25 off for you, too, as long as you sign up with a partner (which makes your last payment $160), and . . .


Even without the discounts,
that’s NOT $450 apiece per month for professional coaching
that is the TOTAL COST for you to learn to PEER coach,
where the fees STOP!

ONE payment of $450
TWO monthly payments of $250

– or –
THREE monthly payments of $185

Professional Fees vs. Training Fees

Peer Coaching will never replace private, professional coaching (and it isn’t meant to), but an effective Peer Partnership DOES give you a structure for frequent accountability sessions and check-ins no matter how tight your budget.

You know how much professional ADD Coaching is
per month, don’t you?
(Of course you do – that’s why you’re exploring Peer Coaching! )

Just to make it conscious: depending on WHO you hire, WHAT you coach around,
and HOW OFTEN you speak together,
Professional ADD Coaching averages $250-$800 per month!

BTW- my own Private Coaching fees are currently
(with 6 month commitment):

  • $475 for 4 sessions per month
  • $375 for 3 sessions per month (plus a 4th week “self-appointment”)
  • $275 for 2 sessions per month (2nd and 4th week “self-appointments”)
  • $150 for a 1-hour consultation or check-in per month

(Kinda’ puts a one-time $450.00 into perspective, doesn’t it?)

If you are ready to jump into action NOW,
you can learn how to do it in the most effective way –
for only only $450.00 apiece
$25 less for each of you who sign up with a partner.

So what’s your stopper?

Grab a peer and sign up NOW!


BY THE WAY – if you have a friend or relative who’d also like to learn Peer Coaching technique, neither of you have partners yet, but you’re not really sure if you want to Peer together, SIGN UP TOGETHER anyway.

Think of your partner for the training as a practice buddy – we’ll assign specific practice homework for you to do between sessions while you get familiar with Peer Coaching Technique.

  • If you decide that you DO want to Peer together, no problem!
  • If you decide that you probably don’t, STILL no problem!
    I will allow you to attend AGAIN with your “real” Peer —
    YOU come at no charge. You can’t lose!

EVEN BETTER, if there comes a time when you need to enroll a brand new Peer who needs some Basic Training, you still don’t have to do it alone. Sign them up and YOU register to attend with them at no charge.

Click HERE to SignUp for Peer Coaching Basic Training SOON!

NOT SURE? Let me know you are interested in the comments section below and FOLLOW so that I will have an email address to contact you before class registration closes. (at the top of the rightmost column, right above the spam counter).

For more about Peer Coaching
click sitelinks below






16 Responses to Peer Coaching Redux!

  1. Hugh Batterman says:

    url: /

    I’m impressed, I must say.


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  11. Jeff says:

    It is May 2012 and the dates seem to have passed. When is the next series scheduled?


    • OLDER REPLY TO JEFF below – Peer Coaching Basic Training is now BACK on the schedule (check dates on comments – some are hanging out from earlier updates of this page)
      Hi Jeff. I appreciate your interest more than I can say – thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Unfortunately, it’s not ON the schedule at the moment. I didn’t get enough response to be able to offer additional classes after the beta launch, and am still not getting many requests for it. Then I had to change the focus of how I spent my time to getting the ADD in the Spirit professional coach training up and running, and redoing the re-design of (which suddenly disappeared totally, just days before I left town to speak at the ACO conference in Atlanta – and THAT is turning out to be a real black hole for time!)

      Check back. Getting a peer-coaching center developed is still a goal, just not one I have the time to actuate at the moment – for a LOT of reasons not mentioned. When the new ASCT coaches are more established, maybe I’ll see if there’s any interest in taking it on as a class project (no promises, but I’ll run it up the flagpole).



  12. adminLuAnn says:

    Do you have to pay for the 6-sessions to attend the Intro session on Thursday? I don’t see a way to sign up for the Intro session – I’d like to attend it to get a better feel for the training since I am new here.


    • Right now, yes, enrolling for the course is the first step to be able to attend the Intro, since it is designed as an Intro session for the Peer Coaching Technique course itself. I am working on a format to be able to offer some no-charge options, but until I solve the administrative requirements involved, I am unable to move forward to announce start-dates. ADDer follow-through is spotty, as we all know, so there is a lot of non-billable “back and forth” involved to fill any session, even the low cost and free ones – and my life is not in a place where I can spend very many hours that way and still remain balanced in my personal life AND pay my own bills.

      The ADD Hours I sponsored and offered at no charge (which, before I had to stop offering them, ran every Thursday night for seven years), were only sporadically attended, despite many hours of admin on my part (NOT my strength!). I’m not willing or able to repeat that experience until I have an “auto-reminder and registration” system ready to go that does not require my time, and a solution for getting the word out so that my offerings don’t go up half empty or unattended (since I have to show up anyway!!). Unfortunately, even when they are required to register, when folks don’t pay for a class they tend to “blow it off” whenever something else comes up – which kills the possibility of no-charge help for everyone.

      The reality is, for all of us, time spent in one endeavor reduces time available for others. I want to spend my time actually helping people, not getting the word out, reminding people to attend, and waiting alone on a phone bridge wondering how many people will actually dial in. But I *am* working on solutions, because I do know how tight money is these days, and how much help and information is needed. I have BIG plans for the Peer Coaching Center that will help many, but priming the pump with these early sessions is the first step on a long and winding road! (So far, it seems, I run out of time and money before I run out of ideas that would make a difference!)

      Keep checking back for notifications etc. — or sign up for automatic notifications of new posts. BTW-class minimums have not been reached for Thursday’s class, so I will be moving the entire course structure back a week, if that helps.


      • adminLuAnn says:

        Thanks for your reply – I hope to enroll, but not sure yet about some unplanned expenses with my car. ugh

        If you need help with marketing and enrollment, I might be able to barter with you. I totally understand about the ‘off the clock’ time and need to make a living.

        Thanks again


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