Syllabus: Peer Coaching Basics

Updated: September 2016

ONE MORE MONTH until Peer Coaching Basic Training Begins

As those of you who are already officially enrolled learned by email, due primarily to frustrating computer, internet and WordPress glitches that slowed me down and tripped me up . . .

I have pushed back the start date of Peer Coaching Basic Training
until October 5th at 8:30 pm Eastern.

To enable me to stay on track henceforth, an on-site computer consultant is arriving on September 10th to see if he can find and fix a number of ongoing problems.

IN ADDITION, I decided to massage the content and hold the first session on a different bridge, so that I can make Session One available to anyone who is interested without payment. I will remain on the line for 30 minutes following the session for anyone has further questions.


The NEW Peer Coaching Basic Training




Peer Partnership!

Setting things up so that everybody WINs!

Peer Coaching Basic Training
Updated TeleClass Timing & Content

Wednesdays – 8:30-10:00 PM Eastern
That’s: 7:30-9 Central, 6:30-8 Mountain, 5:30-7 Pacific

Click HERE for quickie Time Zone calculator
to see what time that is anywhere else in the world

Over 22 hours of Training & Guidance (in fifteen 90-minute sessions):
5 months with feedback and “Training Wheels”

Welcome Session: September 7th!


Curriculum Overview
(by session descriptions follow)

  • 4 Sessions in September – Wednesdays: 7, 14, 21, 28
    Basics & rapid start
  • 4 Sessions in October – Wednesdays: 5, 12, 19, 26
    Technique & partner practice
  • 3 Sessions in November – every OTHER Wednesday: 2, 16, 30
    Peer Coaching Basic Skills, Project & Holiday Management
  • 2 Session on December – 7, 14 – then OFF through the New Year
    Structure and Habit
  • 2 Sessions in January – 11, 25
    Setting up the New Year for success

MATERIALS: At the end of each session, you will receive an email with a link to the materials for the following session (and a reminder of any peer-homework).

Links to more info & Registration at page bottom

Curriculum Synopsis

(Before we really dive into content)

Meet your instructor & your class
A few TeleClass Basics
A few Brain Basics: why coaching works
The importance of Confidentiality
How we will work with the syllabus



Weeks Two, Three & Four

II. Intro to Peer Coaching

Welcome Back
Overview of Contents & Syllabus
Introduction to Peer Fundamentals
Working with a Practice Partner
The ONLY 2 things you have to remember

III. Brain-based Coaching Overview

Distinguishing Brain-based coaching from other types
Why brain-based coaching works better
Peer Coaching vs. Body Doubling
Taking your Functional Temperature
Fostering Expectations of Success
The concept of “Floating” Follow-through

IV. Setting up the Relationship

Choosing your Peer Partners
Who Not To Work With
Negotiating the Structure
Your Peer-Coaching Contract

Weeks Five and Six

V. Intro to Brain-Basics

Driving the very brain you were born with
Juggling lessons: Identifying Invisible Balls
Introduction to NINE brain-based Challenges

VI. Getting Clear on Your Objectives

Where are you now? (Introducing The Skills Matrix)
What do you want to work on together?
Expectations and Desired Outcomes

Realities of Time & Space – Setting Realistic Expectations
Tips and Traps

Weeks Seven & Eight

VII. Peer Coaching Fundamentals – Part 1

Let’s Review Coaching Fundamentals
BIG difference in Listening Skills
Language to avoid shut-down (yours & theirs)
Professional vs Peer Coaching Skills
Peer Coaching “Flavors”
Overcoming “Oppositional Pieces

VIII. Peer Coaching Fundamentals – Part 2

Tracking success to foster completions
Getting back on the horse
Introducing the Client Prep Form
Making changes with your Peer
Peer Coaching Practice

Weeks Nine, Ten & Eleven

IX. Peer Coaching Basic Skills – part 1

Peer Check-In & Problem Solving
Introduction to Peer Coaching Basic Skills
Friendship/peer maintenance
Coloring inside the lines you have agreed upon
Making adjustments

X. Peer Coaching Basic Skills – part 2

Quick Peer Check-In & Problem Solving
Supporting the goals of another
Breaking tasks down together
Choosing/working with weekly chunks
Intro to the Client Prep Form

XI. Project Management

Quick Peer Check-In & Problem Solving
Choosing a project
Setting & supporting goals & sub-goals
When adjustments must be made

Weeks Twelve & Thirteen

XII. The Importance of Structure

Quick Peer Check-In & Problem Solving
The concept of cognitive bandwidth
Putting things on auto-pilot
The importance of HABITS
The relationship of coaching to habit formation

XIII. Challenges-based Habit Formation

Quick Peer Check-In & Problem Solving
The relationship of Challenges to cognitive bandwidth
Executive Functioning Overview
The importance of HABITS
The relationship of coaching to habit formation

Weeks Fourteen & Fifteen

XIV. Setting things up so you get to WIN

Peer Check-In & Problem Solving
Goals, Intentions & Planning
Intentions vs. Resolutions vs. Goals
Activation assistance (& motivation malarkey)
The concept of Priming – making it work

XV. Skills wrap-up & support

Peer Check-In & Problem Solving
The importance of Feedback
What’s NEXT?

For more about Peer Coaching
click sitelinks below



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