Privacy Policies

Comprehensive Privacy Statement

Strict No Spam Policy

How we use the information you give us

Personal information collected by or through ADD in the Spirit [ASCT]
and/or The Optimal Functioning Institute™ [OFI]

and/or any other product or service developed or delivered by these organizations,

will be used for internal purposes only.

We won’t share your contacts

Unless we have prior written permission, NO information will be distributed to or shared with anyone who is not directly involved in the administration and/or delivery of OFI or ASCT website’s, blogs, classes and trainings, or attendent products and services developed to support them (for example, class contact sheets or peer coaching lists)

Enrollment into classes and trainings conveys tacit permission to add your name and contacts to attendent class communication vehicles.

All enrolled students will be sent contact information for the rest of the students in their particular training or class.

All recipients of class contact information are strictly bound by these Comprehensive Privacy Policies; infractions will result in immediate dismissal.

We won’t add you to a bunch of lists

Email addresses and contacts collected for any purpose will NOT be sold, traded, given away or otherwise distributed, with the exception of student communication vehicles noted above.

You will receive notification of new offerings at the bottom of newsletters, lists, etc. to which you are subscribed, and by the very occasional email announcement of special offers.

To receive additional content, you must OPT IN for your contacts to be added to any and all information vehicles other than the one to which you personally subscribed yourself

With the exception of class or training support vehicles – you may unsusbcribe at any time.

You must remain subscribed to any class or training support vehicles until the conclusion of your class or training, after which you may unsubscribe yourself  from those that do not automatically terminate.

In some cases, you may also choose to remain subscribed to informational lists after the conclusion of your training (in instances where that option is available, it will be noted in your training materials)

ABOUT Fees and Finances:

Financial transactions are handled by PayPal via a secure internet connection.

NO ONE  from OFI or ASCT is ever sent participant credit card numbers, bank account numbers, account balances, passwords or other login information, or any PayPal information other than those items needed to ascertain:  

(1) that the payment came from YOU
(2) for a particular product or service
(3) the amount and date of each payment and, in the case of payment agreements,
(4) total fees paid to date and balance of fees remaining.  

We will, of course, see the email address from which the payment was sent.

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