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MENTOR Coaching helps you ramp up your own practice.
If you are a looking for a “regular” ADD Coach,
CLICK HERE for a similar page with a contact form and articles that will speak more directly to YOU.


I’m thrilled to see you are interested in exploring mentor coaching — and particularly pleased that you are curious about mentor coaching with me.

Brain-based coaching is a style that works with clients of all types: helping them identify stoppers, work through challenges, and develop brand new ways of working to optimize strengths as they learn How to drive the very brains they were born with.™

About My Mentor Coaching

I work privately with a limited number of other ADD/EFD/TBI professionals (coaches & clinicians alike) to help you hone and follow through with the business and marketing elements of your practice — as well as to make sure your policies, procedures and client/patient skills  are “friendly” to the brain-style that struggles with Executive Functioning disorders and dysregulations.

I can also help anyone who are too busy to breathe stay up-to-date.

If you are also a member of the club (as am I), it really helps to have a bit of an externalized PFC to keep your own life on track too!

Training, Training/Mentor Options & Consultations

From time to time, when there is sufficient indication of interest, I offer topic-focused Mentor Groups and Supervision Coaching Labs, and deliver Coach Training or Coaching Skills Classes.

It is also possible to hire me for a single Consultation – to pick my brain or use me as a sounding board for an hour.

$150 at of October 2016 – click HERE for updated fees & formats
— payment via PayPal only, prior to our call —

I also offer private training, for those of you who have constraints that mandate scheduling flexibility unavailable in a class structure, or who desire only a portion of a particular curriculum. You won’t, however, be able to take advantage of the group pricing structure.

Ask me about speaking to your organization, or about putting together a training to your specifications, exclusively for your group.

Next Steps:

  • To help me leverage my time, I have put together a number of articles to help you get a good idea of whether there is a FIT between what I do and what you need before we speak by phone to set things up.
  • I have categorized them below, and given you a bit of an idea what you will find if you click the links.

Most of the articles have been written for coaches, so read with your “translator cap” on if that’s not your situation.  Tell me what else you need, and I’ll tell you whether or not it is something I do.

Don’t feel like you have to read EVERYTHING below
Pick a few; click around; get in touch as soon as you think you’re ready (make a brief list of questions I can answer for you – yes, the answers are probably below, but maybe not in the articles you read)

DO make time to read THE PROGRAMS APPROACH to Mentor Coaching – Programs as a Coaching Tool before we speak – since it’s a way of working fairly unique to me.

Your NEXT step, once you feel like you have a preliminary sense of who I am and how I work, would be to set up a brief initial appointment to double-check the Fit, prepared to set an ongoing appointment to move forward into a mentor relationship of one sort or another, if appropriate.

(sincere interest only please – spam filters in place!)

Articles that will help you decide:

About me – background, etc.

Articles in the Mentor Coaching series:

Some of the Programs we might work with:

Expanded speaker’s content from some ADD CONFERENCES:

Coaching & Come-from articles

Related Resources for Readers

Mentor Coaching – Initial Contact Form

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