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Old headshot of Madelyn (a.k.a. MGH) long familiar from the webWelcome to ADD-and-so-much-more

This is Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’s blog-site — three years old at the end of March 2014 – and this long “background” page is desperately in need of a rewrite by now [2016], which is unlikely to happen in our lifetimes!

Check out the articles from the right sidebar — THAT’s where I prefer to put my time!

Believe it or not, I’m still learning how to drive things on this ever “improving” platform – so bear with me!  Meanwhile, be sure to read the stuff in the sidebar if you want to know how the links work. (That’s the skinny column directly to your right)

THE GOOD STUFF is everything BEHIND THIS PAGE!!  The drop-down menus are at the top — pages first, posts by category immediately below.

  • Click and HOLD your mouse button for a moment and you’ll get to see more categories – then slide down (still holding) to whatever interests you, and sub-menus will appear.
  • Remember, these are categories — the articles are cross-filed so it’s pretty easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • If you are looking for a specific article and can recall the title (even a bit), use the search box (top right).

Also on the right sidebar is a long list of the titles of the latest posts – newest on top. Even though the older ones eventually get pushed off the list, they’re still on the site. Find them by searching by title, using the top menu-bars by category, OR by clicking my hand-made Site Map that has both.

Whatever is at the TOP of this page will always link to
something special or something that is
Everything else is here for you whenever you have time to read and reflect
(over four hundred thousand words of premium content at the 2-year mark
with another two hundred thousand by the end of year three
and still much more to share – in hundreds of articles on dozens of topics)
— information you won’t find ANYWHERE else —
costing you nothing but the time to read it.

Before you take off to explore . . . Please take a moment to read about this site and what’s here.

FIRST OF ALL, everything you’ll find on ADD-and-so-much-more is designed to help you drive your very own, unique and brilliant ADD Brain! (Or to help your non-ADD loved ones understand and appreciate you)

I designed the site to be attentionally-friendly — you won’t find anything that blinks, moves, jumps out at you, or pulls focus when you’re trying to stay tracked on something else.  Even the dark grey links don’t jump out at you until you mouse over them.  Neat, huh?

By the way, the site itself may be relatively new, but I’ve been around since the dawn of coaching. You can trust the information you find here – I’ve been working with (and researching) ADD for over twenty years.

In fact, I am one of the cofounders of the ADD Coaching field, and the creator who developed the world’s FIRST ADD-specific Coach Training curriculum — the only one for many years. I pioneered Brain-based Coaching.

Some of you may know me from The ADD Professionals List, The Optimal Functioning Institute,™,™  the founder & host of the original ADD-ICF and CoachU’s ADD-SIG, or as the sponsor and host of The ADD Hours.™

I am the second graduate of the world’s first [non-ADD] Coach Training, a founding member of ICF and among the first group to be awarded its highest certification [MCC], a founding board member of IAAC, the certification body for ADD Coaches, and one of the first to be awarded it’s highest certification [SCAC] — and a whole bunch of other firsts. (If you’re really interested, CLICK HERE for my bio – if you’d rather read something more amusing, CLICK HERE for my “Hello World” post)

I’m also the ADD Poster Girl

Be SURE to read the Alphabet City post to understand who this blog is intended to help: anyone with an Executive Functioning Disorder, or attentional spectrum “glitches” impacting intentionality.

There is a long list of brain-based disorders that are accompanied by difficulties with the volitional regulation of many of the processes of higher-order cognitive control.

A great many of them are referred to by acronyms, officially or by nickname – OCD, ODD, SPD, ASD, PDA, PDD, MDD, MS, TBI, ABI, EFD, PTSD, etc. – alphabet disorders!

So what IS this site? is a place for me to let you know about new ADD opportunities and to post all kinds of seemingly disconnected content – while I rework a more comprehensive website.

For years I have attempted to update my first site “live,” knowing that springing a total redo on a whole community struggling with focus would be more than disorienting.  I finally had to conclude that there was simply no way around it — and that it was going to take more time that ANYONE wanted it to take.

ADDers don’t rush well — the feeling of a gun in our backs shuts us down.  It is tough enough to focus on intended completions without having our attention directed elsewhere, especially by those “helpful reminders.”

And boy howdy am I one of the worst at rushing!!!  

So please don’t ask questions beginning with “When” or post comments beginning with anything like, “But I thought you said . . .” I have forced myself to make friends with the fact that it will simply take the time it takes, and that anything I need to post meanwhile can be done on this site in sort-of-a-blog format. (Help! Does anyone r-e-a-l-l-y understand WordPress quirks?)

Anyway, this site won’t pretend to be anything BUT a work-in-process.  Sorry, guys, it might change daily or it might take me a week to figure out how to post something I thought would be quick and easy.  It will be what it will be but I think you’ll love the stuff you’ll find here.  

In addition to posting my own quirky take on a lot of things, I have a ton of ADD-related content I believe you will find helpful, the product of thousands of hours of research and reflection. We’ll eventually explore the entire Attentional Spectrum together, as well as the dynamics of focus, memory, motivation and follow-through.

Back to Business!

After a protracted hiatus for health reasons, I am a-l-m-o-s-t ready to begin to offer classes again – a few will be for coaches, but most will be designed to help ADD/EFDers and their loved ones.  (A few may even offer to share ADD Coaching Secrets with the world at large.)

I’m exploring the least administratively intense way to do it all, and when I have it figured out I’ll let you know how to access it from here, even once the new-and-improved website goes live.  

If you want to make sure you’re in the loop, give your name and email to the nice form in charge of blog-post notification.  

Don’t worry, I’m w-a-y too ADD to get it together to spread your email around the i-net, and too up-to-my-ears-in TO-DOs to fill up your in-box.

SERIOUSLY, your contacts couldn’t be safer, I promise!  NOBODY hates SPAM more than I do!!!  They won’t be sold, rented, loaned or even looked at by anyone who is not directly involved with keeping up and running or porting things to the new site – which, for right now, is mostly me.

What happened to

For those of you who want to take a trip down memory lane or need to access something you thought would live to a ripe old age in cyberspace, I decided to put the old site back up.  I wanted anyone interested to be able to jump over there and take a look.  (I was hoping that some of you would in the hopes that it might help make the site easier to find when the new version goes up, ’cause I’m pretty sure that SEO is not going to be my best friend!).

HOWEVER: Right before I left to speak at the ACO conference, ALL content and formatting on “disappeared” — for reasons I had NO time left to Sherlock.

I have decided to ride the horse in the direction it is going, and begin totally anew. Meanwhile, I’ve removed the link in the sidebar.

I have backups of the 25 years of content that was there and will repost what makes sense.  You may be able to find it entirely on the way-back machine (but don’t ask me how to locate THAT!)

No letter bombs, OK?

Be warned: what you see is what you get. The value of the content simply must be enough for now. Please don’t make me wrong for broken links, missing resources, typos or a disaster of a page structure that has grown beyond kludgy.  I don’t want to charge for this content, so I can’t hire staff.

THE SHEER FOLLY of attempting to respond to frustrated complaints-posing-as-requests as I edited the old with one hand while I created the new with the other, was part of my let’s-get-er-done! epiphany.

It can’t be done, my friends and foes, with one hand playing  one melody while the other is busily at work on another  — at least not by one who does a LOT more with her life than post “http://www.whatever’s_helpful” articles.

I am working “back stage” on the resurrection of the new version of; RIP to the old, and I won’t be announcing the new-and-improved until it until it’s ready for its close-up, Mr. DeMille!

I think I’m finally and forever DONE with attempting to please all of the people all of the time. I hope you find ADD-and-so-much-more enlightening, useful and entertaining none-the-less.

usually signing off with

Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, A.C.T., CMC, MCC, SCAC
A certified [Life] Coaching pioneer and ADD Coaching Field founder

Brain-based coaching & coach training for the CRAZY/Busy  

Site Map (of sorts!) — SiteLinks to Article Titles by categories

Master LinkList to lists of links to articles within specific categories HERE

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie

DISCLAIMER: The aricles on this blogsite are provided for education, information and self-help. The ADD Coach and field founder who is the voice behind, and The Optimal Functioning Institute™ is not a medical doctor and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or medical treatment (but, after 25 years in the ADD field, she has some pretty darned good info to share!)

Copyright Notice

All content on that is not specifically attributed to another has been created by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, who reserves ALL rights to her materials, concepts, and language — even though the content on this site is publicly available freely and without fee, it has NOT been placed in the “public domain.”

Unless specifically stated otherwise, you are encouraged to copy
(for private use, to repost or to print to distribute) AS LONG AS:

  1. You leave me a comment, letting me know you grabbed it (which will link to you!)
  2. Except for a quoted paragraph or two, attributed and linked, you copy the ENTIRE post and do not add or remove words or phrases (reformat or introduction OK — reblogs and pins always OK – and appreciated!)
  3. You clearly identify the author in this manner:
    ©Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, MCC, SCAC
  4. You identify the source: on all written materials; and/or a working link to the specific page or portion you copied for all internet or email uses
  5. You do not charge a red cent for the content – and make it CLEAR that nobody else can use the content to line their pockets either!


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