September 11 Thoughts and Links

STILL Healing the Divided Mind

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Part of the What Kind of World do YOU Want? series
[link to videos by Deepak Chopra below]

September 11 will never again be an ordinary day.

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No longer living in Manhattan, I have developed my own “honoring” ceremony that involves searching the ‘net for articles on the topic and taking the time to read them.

I have learned to expect the posts telling their stories, expressing gratitude that their loved ones had been spared.

I have grown used to seeing the many expressions of empathy and love for those who were not so blessed – and I join them in saying a prayer for those whose loved-ones disappeared in so violent a manner.

I always expect to see expressions of unhealed pain, loss and grief – which I found again – and I pray for them too.

I also expect more than a few expressions of hot and still too fresh anger – which I also found.  I pray they will find peace.

I will always be unprepared for
expressions of revenge and retribution.

ALL of us who are able simply must continue to put energy into healing this wound that is gaping still – in America and in other countries affected by retribution-inspired violence.

We will NEVER forget, but the only way inject meaning into this senseless act of violence (and those that came before and those that followed), is to come to a place where we can experience our feelings without BEING our feelings: taking a STAND for Peace, and sourcing our actions from that stand.

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It is with my last thought above in mind that I include the image below, posted on FaceBook by my youngest nephew, Elijah Catrone, several years ago now.

We are not the only country that is mourning the loss of our loved-ones
and it serves us ill to overlook that sad fact.

Love and Respect for our Troops

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I repeat, from an earlier 9/11 post, that the only thing I would add to the words above would be a special acknowledgment of the brave young men and women sent by their elders to participate in the horrors of war — on EVERY side of this war and every war — and those they are sending still.

Other casualties include the soldiers’ families and friends who are left behind to cope with moving ahead without their presence day-to-day, still fearing for the safety of their loved-ones with every breath they take, and everyone who may forever mourn the loss of the amazing lives we send to fight armed with the power to kill.

I also want to add a prayer for those that their supposed-to-be-older-and-wiser elders will send in the future — unless we ALL band together to end war as a means of settling our differences.

Regardless of how we feel about this war – or ANY war – we must ALWAYS honor the bravery of our troops and the sacrifices of their families.

The post Viet Nam war travesties must never be allowed to occur again.

Healing our World in OUR Lifetimes

This older 9/11 video by Deepak Chopra touched my heart — click the photo to hear what he has to say

The link to the video will open on YouTube in a new window/tab.

If you will allow it to open your heart to
the Truth of his words,
I’m sure it will also touch yours.

See also: link below to a shorter video,
perhaps even more impactful
Deepak said, “I will” on 9/11

where he says the following:

“I believe that Love without action is meaningless,
 — and action without Love is irrelevant.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Related 9/11 Articles ’round the ‘net

I will leave it to each of you to search for links to the many 9/11 posts and re-posts you will find today.  Please leave those you find especially touching in a comment below so that we ALL may share it.

The Tribute in Light, below, is an art installation of 88 searchlights aiming skyward in two columns — in remembrance of the September 11, 2001, attacks. (Photo by Mark Lennihan, AP)

Click image for More photos marking the 13th anniversary.

Click image for More photos marking the 13th anniversary.

And ONE more:


GOD BLESS US – every single one of us here on this small planet we share.

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4 Responses to September 11 Thoughts and Links

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  3. janetkwest says:

    Well stated. I especially like the RIP tribute for ALL that had their lives cut short.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. My sister’s children still live in NY. Both parents died of cancer when they were both 20-somethings – post 9/11, but the family witnessed it firsthand.

      Elijah was very early 20s when he posted that on his FB wall. Not all his friends agree with the sentiment, but I feel that it is impressive that many do.

      Maybe there’s hope for our planet still.


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